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      學 術 報 告

      發布者: [發表時間]:2020-01-05 [來源]: [瀏覽次數]:


      A nonlinear finite volume scheme preserving maximum principle for diffusion equation

      報告人:盛志強  研究員




      報告人簡介:盛志強,博士,研究員。2007年6月畢業于中國工程物理研究院研究生部,獲博士學位。畢業后進入北京應用物理與計算數學研究所計算物理實驗室工作,2008-2010年在法國巴黎第六大學做博士后研究。目前主要從事輻射流體力學計算方法研究及程序研制工作足彩app_首页足彩app_首页。已出版專著1 本,發表SCI論文40余篇。曾獲中國工程物理研究院首屆科技創新獎一等獎。


      The maximum principle is one of the key requirements to discretization schemes, and can ensure that there is no spurious oscillations for the numerical solution and preserve physical bounds of problem. In this talk, we first introduce a new nonlinear finite volume scheme satisfying the maximum principle for the diffusion equation on distorted meshes, and then introduce the corresponding theoretical analysis including the coercivity, existence and convergence. Numerical results are presented to demonstrate the properties of our scheme.